Roles of a TSC Senior Teacher Roles of a TSC Senior Teacher
Wednesday, 14 Jul 2021 00:00 am


Senior teachers are an integral part of the school leadership team and their role is to support the principal and deputy principal(s) in leading and managing the school. They are accountable to the principal for the provision of leadership in their specific curriculum area including educational programs, learning outcomes, student welfare, staff welfare, development and management, school and community partnerships and other areas as delegated by the principal.

Administrative duties.

These include creating a time table, distributing teaching loads and arranging for maternity or sickness leaves. They are also in charge of parent- teacher association, inducing new teachers and staff training. They also act as a link between the head teacher and other teaching staff. 


Academic duties.

They coordinate the working of teachers in charge of different subjects. They man the implementation of civic and moral education as per the ministry of education. They ensure the library has required textbooks as well as audio visual learning materials.


They are in charge of discipline and guidance and counselling.

They trace and report school drop-outs, and ensure that guidance and counselling is taking place throughout the whole school. 


They are in charge of general school affairs

This includes admission of new pupils and administration of internal school examinations. They oversee textbooks, exercise books and other stationery distribution to pupils. They also keep the student records. They keep track of school furniture and equipment, minor repairs, notice boards and first aid services.


They are in charge of extra-curricular activities

These include cultural activities such as drama and music festivals, physical activities such as games day and inter-school sports competitions and athletics.


They participate in the staff and parents meetings.