Finance and Economics Jobs You Can Do Online

Finance and Economics Jobs You Can Do Online

If you are an employee who is tired of routines in the financial industry, there are plenty of opportunities for home-based jobs out here waiting for you.

Day Trader

This is one of the self-employed jobs you can do online. A day trader usually holds positions in the stock market for a short time, at most few hours. They keep making trades and can make a lot of them in a single day. This job does not offer guaranteed salary but for those who are successful, it offers returns of up to 300%. It is not easy to quantify the compensation of day traders because of the fluctuations in the returns they get. This job requires use of complex tools, capital and emotional stability. To become a good day trader, you require the following:

  1. A trading strategy and access to the current market information every single minute.
  2. The skills to interpret accurately any short-term movements taking place in the markets.
  3. Access to live news sources continuously like the CNN.
  4. An analytical software. It will allow you to discover the trading patterns faster and reduce the trade execution times.
  5. Sufficient cash reserves and steeliness to withstand some heavy short-term losses.

Financial Writer

If you are a talented financial writer, you can now do that job from the comfort of your home since you can deliver your scripts electronically. Financial writers have been in demand in the industry over the past few decades. We have experienced a lot of financial news, websites and literature which has all led to increased demand of these financial writers. If you are a competent writer who can deliver a good piece of work. You can earn as much as several hundred dollars in every article you write. Permanent jobs can offer you salaries between $70,000 and $90,000 per year.

To succeed in this job, it is advisable to have some professional experience in the field of finance. Having a degree in finance, journalism, management or economics is an added advantage which will help you get a higher pay. The more consistent you are in writing professional scripts on financial matters, the better you become each day.

Financial Planner

You can become an independent financial planner by basing your offices at your home. However, your home should be impeccable and an affluent neighborhood, as there is an image that clients are looking for in a financial planner or advisor. You should already have discussed the issue with your family about turning your home partly into your office. Keep in mind the parking area, restrooms and how the physically handicapped can access your building.

The main advantage enjoyed by financial planners and advisors is the less overhead expenses and costs of commuting. Therefore, a successful financial planner/ advisor will earn the same amount per year as any other employed financial planner, only that they will incur less overhead costs and those of commuting to work daily.


Corporate Financial Careers

This kind of jobs are in different fields of the finance industry. They include financial analysts, tax researchers, certified public accountants and computer programmers, just for a few. Most companies and individuals nowadays prefer to source independent contractors for these jobs. The employers are reluctant to incur extra expenses by using an office space. Even the existing employees in the firm often work from home and only show up in the offices when there is a meeting or presentation.