Online Dating

How to Stay Safe from Risks in Online Dating

In this internet era, we must agree that love is just one click away. The dating sites are increasingly becoming popular, and should perhaps come with a tagline, “delivering love to your doorstep”. Busy career women and men no longer have an excuse not to go on a beautiful date with their dream partners. All you have to do is put the details of your desired dream date and the site will matchmake for you.

While love, romance and sex are so easily accessible online, it is important to take caution to avoid getting scammed. Online dates are quite a huge risk on your life and therefore, taking caution will save you from serial killers who masquerade as genuine lovers, or yahoo boys who will milk your pockets dry. Here are a few tips on how you can stay put from any risks and threats during online dating:

Don’t Rush to Give Out Your Personal Phone Number

Upon signing up in a dating site, you are likely to meet many interested partners who suits your needs. Put in mind that all that glitters is not gold. Thus, avoid giving out your personal phone number to every Tom, Dick and Harry who looks like they match your interests. Take time to vet each person carefully, noting any red flag in their initial conversations. It is easy to track your location using your phone’s GPS. You are only interested in finding a partner and not have thieves masquerading as lovers. Your phone number should be the last thing to give them, once you feel comfortable about being with them. Therefore, be keen on your initial chats through the website you two met, it might save you a lot of headaches later on.

Trust Your Instincts

Instincts are your first stimuli in case of any danger. Before you leave your house for a date or even before opening up to that stranger who matched with you on the site, listen to your instincts. Many are the times we ignore that inner warning, because the person is too handsome, exudes maturity or looks so sweet to even doubt them. We curse our souls for casting doubts on them. Or inwardly apologize for judging them harshly. But if that inner voice keeps sending danger signals, take them very seriously. Better to be safe than sorry! Thankfully, many online social platforms have a block button; use it to keep the person away from reaching you. Go a step further and report them to the site. That way, an action will be taken against them and their account banned to protect other unsuspecting victims from falling prey.

Meet Your Partners in Public Spaces

After gaining confidence about your potential partner, it is now time to meet them. No matter how sweet and genuine they sounded, it is important to meet them in public spaces. If they mean harm, public spaces are too open to carry out their mission and thus, you decrease the chances of putting yourself in any risk. Also, choose your meet up location wisely. Avoid areas such as your workplace or your home, because they would expose too much details about yourself. If your date pressures you to go against your choices, cancel the meeting immediately.

In case your date suggests to drop you off or pick you up from your house, turn down the offer politely. Keep off that move until you are confident enough about them and ready for a serious relationship. Online flings should remain flings until they graduate to actual relationships worth letting your partner into your life.

Inform A Close Person about Your Whereabouts

The first rule of meeting strangers is to inform a friend or any other close person about your whereabout. Give them all details from where you will be, and who you will be with. Let them also know when to expect you back home. Better still, give them the person’s contact details or take a screenshot of their profile and send it to the friend. If the date suggests a change in meeting venue, keep your friend updated for easy tracking of your movements. In case you notice an untoward behavior with the date, call or text them to pick you up immediately.

Avoid Getting Too Drunk

As much as you love your favorite champagne, the first date is not the place to show your love for the bottle. Do not drink because you are not too sure of your date’s intentions. Intoxication will destabilize your ability to think straight. You may also reveal too much details about yourself, enabling a date with sinister motivates to track you down. Always let your safety come first no matter how special you feel about the person.